You may have seen it on television or in the movies a million times; the “bad guy” taking steroids is portrayed as the scum of the earth, and when he injects his steroids he will jam the needle right into his butt cheek without a care or a thought. If you know anything about anabolic steroids, then you know how utterly ridiculous this is; of course, you know how utterly ridiculous everything you see on TV or in the movies is when it comes to anabolic steroids. Even so, if you have never used anabolic steroids before you have no idea how to inject them; in-fact, you might think that what is shown on screen is actually the right way to do it. Luckily for you, you have come to the right place as you are now going to understand how to inject Primobolan Depot and every step you need to take.

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Before we get into the details, understand this little bit of truth; this is a straightforward and simple process, so simple that everyone of us can do it, but if you don’t know the right way to do it, then as with all things you have to learn it first. After you read this, you will know exactly how to inject Primobolan steroid, and from there you’ll be able to concern yourself with more important matters.


Go to any online message board, and at some point in time you will find some discussion thread where people are asking how to inject steroids in some of the weirdest ways imaginable. You will find those asking how to inject steroids intravenously and if you search long enough you can probably find threads where people ask how to inject steroids into their scrotum. We must first be very clear about one thin. Anabolic steroids are NOT injected intravenously. Anabolic androgenic steroids are meant to be injected into the muscle tissue, but some steroids can also be injected subcutaneously.


If you want to learn how to inject steroids, the first thing you need to know is how to prepare for the injection. You know you need to stick it into the muscle tissue, and we will go into more details about that later on, but there is more to it than that. There are eight specific steps you need to follow when injecting anabolic steroids, and while that may sound like a lot the whole process does not take longer than a minute. Failure to follow these eight remarkably simple steps can result in complications like infections or simply very uncomfortable injections, and an unnecessarily sore spot where you injected yourself.

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Step 1: Select a Needle – There are numerous needle sizes available at drugstores, and you need the right one to inject Primobolan the right way. It is not necessary to choose a large needle, but you do not want one that is so small the oil will barely push through. In most of the cases, a 23g-25g needle will be sufficient for your needs. As for the needle length, one inch is quite long enough for most anyone, but 1.5” is also suitable. Some will find ½” needles to be sufficient, but only if they are injecting into a very low body-fat area. Regardless of the needle size you choose, you must always use a clean never before used needle each and every time.

Step 2: Draw Air – Before you insert your steroids into the syringe, the first step is to draw at a minimum the same amount of air into the syringe that matches the amount of oil you will be drawing into the syringe. This is not absolutely necessary, but it will make step four much easier. Further, most will find drawing a little more air than needed to be quite beneficial and make things even smoother.

Step 3: Empty the Air – Place the needle into the oil (that is, the steroids you are using) and push all the air in. This will allow you to draw the oil with ease; again, you do not have to do this but there is no point in skipping it.

Step 4: Draw the Oil – Simply pull the plunger of the syringe back until the desired amount is obtained; most will find drawing in slightly more (a miniscule amount) to be useful. Something to note is that many people choose to use a “Draw Needle” for this purpose; this refers to using a larger needle. In this instance, you will use a 20g-21g needle to draw your oil into the syringe as it is much easier and faster. If you choose this method, you will follow steps 2 and 3 with your draw needle, and then replace the needle with the needle you chose in step 1.

Step 5: Remove Air Bubbles – Now that the oil is in the syringe, you will need to push the plunger forward while tapping your finger against the side of the syringe to remove all air bubbles. This will cause a little bit of oil to shoot out of the needle, but that is precisely why you drew up a little extra.

Step 6: Disinfecting – Determine which muscle you are going to inject and the exact location, and disinfect that location with alcohol. Putting alcohol on a cotton ball will work, but alcohol swabs are perfect for doing this.

Step 7: Plunge the Needle and Aspirate – Once the area is disinfected, plunge the needle into the selected location, but do not inject it. Once the needle is firmly in place, pull the syringe back; this is what is known as aspirating. When you aspirate, if blood fills into the syringe remove the needle and select a new location. If blood has entered into the syringe, you have hit a vein or blood vessel, and if you inject there’s a chance you’ll fall prey to what is known as “Tren Cough.” Trenbolone is the most notorious anabolic steroid for causing this, but it can happen with even Testosterone. When you hit a vein or blood vessel, some of the steroid gets into the lungs, and causes a violent cough that can be quite frightening and painful. Your mouth will taste like metal, and some have reported that their teeth even hurt, and you will cough more violently than you ever have before. This should not frighten you; if you aspirate and follow the recommendations you should be fine. If you aspirate and no blood enters the syringe, then you are ready to inject.

Step 8: If you have followed steps 1-7 and no blood entered the syringe during step 7, you are ready to inject your Primobolan steroid into the muscle. Simply push the plunger until all the oil has entered the desired location.


Now that you know how to inject steroids, you should also know what to do immediately following the injection. This is a part of the procedure so many people forget to learn, and it is something that should not be ignored at all. To begin, it only takes a moment, and more importantly, it will simply make everything smoother. It is an easy three step process to follow:

Step 1: All the oil has been injected into the muscle, but at this point, you are not ready to remove the needle. Leave the needle in for approximately 20-30 seconds to ensure all the oil has settled deep into the muscle. If you skip this step, there is some chance that a little of the oil may leak out, or worse settle under the skin; this can lead to a sterile abscess and it is intensely painful.

Step 2: After step 1, you are ready to remove the needle, and as you do, you should place a clean, never before used cotton ball directly over the injected area. Applying pressure, hold the cotton ball in place for approximately 20-30 seconds. You might be able to see a little blood appear on the cotton ball (which is why you are doing this), but this is no reason to worry; remember, you just pierced your skin.

Step 3: After step 3, remove the cotton ball and firmly massage the area for a few seconds to ensure all the oil is dispersed deep into the muscle; this is the final step for you.

Don’t be alarmed if at first you are not able to self-inject. Believe it or not this happens to most, if not all steroid users. Be patient and ask a friend/gym buddy, spouse or significant other to help you. Another tip we can offer is to stand in front of a mirror so that you can actually watch yourself administer the shot. This will help you in the long run!


You know how to inject steroids, you understand the pre and post-injection protocols and steps, but now you need to know the most important part; the specific muscles to inject the steroid into. There are 9 specific muscle groups on the body that can be used for anabolic steroid injections, and within most groups, there are numerous locations.

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How much primobolan?

Robert Buzz, professional bodybuilder:

Primobolan is a steroid used for the fitness physique. It is prescribed for the women to take Primobolan of approximately about 40 – 75 mg/day. Women are advised to take an injection of approximately 50 -100 mg/week for the best-shown result. It helps for good physique and a photo shoot. It is widely used by celebrities and bodybuilders to maintain strength and beauty.


What can i expect from primobolan?

Robert Buzz, professional bodybuilder:

Primobolan is a steroid used for maintains energy and water level in the body and tissues. It is used by athletes, it acts as an immune drug to the body to maintain muscle strength and maintain energy level in the time of games and at the time of practice. Methenolone enanthate is a brand name sold for Primobolan. It stays in the body as little as three to four weeks.

  1. I have just started my Primobolan cycle, using Rimobolan from Bayer. The pain after I inject is very intense and I am looking for advise on how to lower the pain after my injections. I am thinking of injecting only 50mg but twice a day alongside 3iu of HGH. Do you think this will lower my pain after my injections?

    1. What many users fail to do is heat up the substance before their injections. Heating the liquid solution before injecting and injecting this substance very slowly after pre heating the area with a hot bath prior to injecting, can help to eliminate the pain after injections. Also using a bigger needle will help the substance to absorb better within the muscle which can also help lessen the pain after your injections. Check to see which one works best for you and stick with the correct administration process that works best for you.

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