Primobolan Depot from Schering is not available in high supply. The steroid is manufactured by Schering only in some countries in Europe. Also, this steroid is not available in the United States of America. The FDA of USA has not approved the use of Methenolone and only some doctors import it for specific cases in rare situations. Another common problem is that counterfeit versions of Primobolan Depot are available. Therefore, you need to find out first if your supplier is genuine. Even though the supply of Schering Primobolan Depot is low, there are many underground labs that carry injectable Methenolone. This injectable version is much more available than the oral tablet. But, there are low grade products everywhere and these have contaminated versions which have low doses or just a single ester Testosterone labelled as Methenolone. This is especially unfortunate considering the high price tag.


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Primobolan Depot costs much higher than other Anabolic steroids. This high price is partly due to its reputation during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding and because it is so mild and tolerable.


It is possible to buy Primobolan Depot online. There are suppliers who stock the genuine product and there also some underground labs who manufacture a good version. But there is always a risk of being duped by the supplier into buying a low grade product. There is also a legal risk. In the United States of America, Anabolic steroids are categorized as Schedule III controlled substances as part of the Steroid Control Act of 1990. This was later enhanced in the Steroid Control Act of 2004. According to this act, a prescription is mandatory in order to legally buy and carry any Anabolic steroid.

Also, the prescription should not be just need-based, but has to be accepted as a genuine need by the government. Many other countries also have similar laws but not as strict as the US. Some countries are more lenient but most of them do not approve of online purchases of Primobolan Depot.

We offer Primobolan Depot in all of our online stores from only the highest quality manufacturers. The most popular brands sold on our sites include Dragon Pharma and Alpha Pharma. We also sell Primobolan Depot from Eminence Labs and BM Pharmaceuticals. Our products are always in stock and are shipped discreetly.

Our recommended company for buying Primobolan



Where can i buy primobolan?

Robert Buzz, professional bodybuilder:

The primobolan can place order via online store and it offers best discount and real product at every time. If you want to collect worthier product you are suggested to go with the official website of primobolan. So it will be more comfortable to meet great result without meeting any risk of it. Hope you must check out best terms and condition before going to buy.


How long for primobolan to kick in?

Robert Buzz, professional bodybuilder:

Many researches shows that Primobolan has stay for three to four weeks. It is taking place in oral form because you could pee out it in three to four weeks. It may stay in your system for a long time. This is act as immune enhancing drug which is generally used by athletes. It is act as steroid cycles during off time to maintain muscle mass and body strength gains.

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